Voice and Data requirements -


aem services has extensive knowledge of managing the fixed communications elements of communications projects.  These typically are fibre based but can also include "fixed" wireless solutions such as licensed microwave


aem services have a vision of providing fixed data extensions or stand alone wireless data bubbles across regions or whole countries using the latest in communication solutions

aem services use licensed and un-licensed equipment.  We are technology and manufacturer agnostic and will use the most cost effective and appropriate solution for the task 

aem currently have several deployments:

Motorola Canopy ( http://motorola.canopywireless.com/ ) and                

Tropos Metro WiFi ( http://www.tropos.com/ ).

The solution we offer does two main things

- Create a coverage bubble over one or many interlinked areas using clusters. These clusters provide:

Communications coverage of up to 20km+ diameter , depending on line of Sight (LOS)
Hundreds of users per cluster
Multiple Clusters linked by backhauls


- Move a voice or data signal a long distance i.e. Backhaul  

Signals can be moved either 10’s of metres or a hundred kilometre +
Speeds up to 300Mb per link, multiple links can be deployed
At each point where a signal is rebroadcast a local feed can be taken to allow coverage in that area
Spurs can be taken off the network and the signal backhauled in a different direction as well


Once the communications solution is connected the following services can be offered

- Data communications
    Laptops, PDA’s, Server based applications
    Remote sensors, CCTV and other security devices
    Access control
    Command & Control
- Voice communications
    Telephones (VoIP)
    Link to radio (PMR, TETRA)
    Link to DECT wireless telephones

aem additionally are experienced in a wide range of communications solutions for government and major corporate as well as SME and residential.

aem's team have operated in a wide range of "non benign" environments and are able to discuss solution delivery ANY WHERE on the globe!