aem services Ltd                                  

aem services Ltd is a UK registered company providing international Prime Contract Management Office (PCMO), system integration (SI), network design, roll-out / installation services and consultancy in the areas of fixed (fibre) and wireless voice and data control / communications solutions

aem personnel have extensive experience in the Europe, Middle East and Africa in fixed and wireless (radio) voice, data and control solutions for:


  • Government owned entities , such a TelCo, Water and Electricity Authorities

  • Ministries

  • Local Government

  • Medical

  • Educational

  • Defence

  • Security


  • Water Companies

  • Oil & Gas Companies

  • General Business usage

  • WiSP's

  • Security

aem services provide a true "turn key" offering through a range of services and solutions, these include:

- Requirements creation and tender generation 

- Project Management

- Technical support for design and development of communications and IT

- Deployment, Installation and commissioning services

- Post sales support and maintenance

- Training

- Commercial planning, sales and marketing



aem services also have several key partners. 

For example aem provide a complete outsourced solution for an international wireless internet service provider (WiSP). 

aem also partner with a European based Command & Control and Surveillance company. 

aem cover the provision of fixed and Wireless connectivity on a global basis.  Current opportunities include the Europe, Middle East and Africa.